Asociados PanAmericanos 
Energy for Sustainable Growth with Social Justice and a Clean Environment    

Dr. James A. Walker has been a major figure in the history of the wind industry. He

is former Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the California Energy

Commission, former CEO of enXco, one of the world’s leading wind power

developers, 2007 American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Person of The Year,

2008-09 President of AWEA, co-Founder of the American Wind Wildlife Institute.

He holds a doctorate from the Harvard Business School.

Wm. Stevens Taber has been a leader in the development of public policy for

energy use and is a veteran of the renewable energy industry. He is founder and

former CEO of Nordic Windpower and founder and CEO of the Princeton Energy

Group. He studied at Princeton, received the Master of Architecture Phi Beta

Kappa from U.C. Berkeley, and is an English-Speaking Union Fellow.

Michael E. Folloni is an accomplished Energy and Business Manager. As President

of Pan Am Lighting, his projects have saved 1000’s of MW. He started ongoing

energy businesses and community development projects in the USA, Mexico, and

Guatemala. Mr. Folloni enjoys ‘social entrepreneurship’ community service work to

help disadvantaged people to help themselves and others. At Harvard, (AB '75 Cum

Laude, Ed. M. '79), he received the 1975 Ames Award for Character and Leadership. 

Eriberto Regland Gonzalez is a Pai Pai Indian from the Indigenous Community of Mission Santa Catarina, an accomplished entrepreneur and highly respected pro-business political organizer and compassionate community activist, President of Silviculturas of Baja California, the forestry landowner workers union, which is a conduit of Federal funds for Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gas emissions reduction rural development programs throughout Baja California.

Eriberto Regland Gonzalez and Benito Reyes Corrales, Officers of 
Asociados PanAmericanos de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Attorney Benito Reyes Corrales is well accomplished in high-level public and private sector activities.  He served as the private secretary for the Lt. Governor of Baja CA from 2001-2007, and was the Director of the state’s Dept. of Human Rights and Control of the Ministry of Public Security.  Lic. Reyes is a partner in a prestigious Mexican land, corporate, political consulting and commercial law firm, as well as in several successful small businesses in Baja CA  

Ing. David Horta, Director, JV Partner, Founder and CEO of CISA GROUP since 1990, a group formed by several companies, including:
Cableados Industriales, SA de CV, Company Corporate Head with 11 years experience as developer of Wind Farms, Hydropower, Solar and Photovoltaic Energy Power Plants, mainly in Mexico and the United States. Also specializes in Design, Construction and Operation of Electrical Works in medium and high voltage and telecommunications.

Some of CISA's major projects in Mexico are:

a) .- The development and construction of the 
wind farm called "Bii Nee Stipa" in the city of "La Ventosa" in the State of Oaxaca, with 31 turbines generating 26.5 MW already installed on its first stage. (This wind farm is already operating.)

b) .- A subsequent stage is currently under construction which will generate 74 MW, pursuant to a total of 288 MW.

c) .- A 
Hydroelectric Plant with capacity of 22 MW, in Baja California, Mexico is currently in the design and construction process.

Cisa Energía, SA de CV (Development of Renewable Energy Projects, mainly Wind and Solar in Mexico and the United States, besides being responsible for complete all formalities with the various government agencies).

Advanced New Energies, Inc. (Development of Renewable Energy Projects in the United States)

SAME, SA de CV (O & M for substations, transmission lines and equipment)

Cisa Termodinámica, S de RL de CV (Design and Construction Systems Geothermal Energy Conservation)

INTAVAN:  Mauricio Guerra Garza and Juan Carlos Garcia Marquez  

Juan Carlos García Marqués Born in Laviana Spain, 1961.  Engineer for Roads, Canals and Ports for E.T.S.I.C.C.P. of Santander 1986.  21 years of experience in the Wind Power sector. Constructed (12) wind parks totaling 369.1MW, has (3) more totaling 112.61MW under construction, and approximately (70) additional totaling 2,232.47MW under advanced development.  Also another 4,994.57MW of wind parks are in the planning stages.

Juan Carlos García Marqués, Roberto Ayon General Manager, CISA, Michael Folloni, Manager, APA, David Horta, President, CISA, Mauricio Guerra Garza, CISA

Dr. James A. Walker   
Dr. James A. Walker             President, AWEA, 2008-2009

Michael E. Folloni        
Michael E. Folloni                  The Its Possible Team

Wm Stevens Taber     
Wm Stevens Taber     

Eriberto Regland Gonzalez 

Benito Reyes

David Horta, Roberto Ayon, Alberto Genda, Silvia Ramirez, Jose Lyon:

Mauricio Guerra Garza Intavan
Juan Carlos Garcia Marquez Intavan


Landowner Partners: The Pai Pai Indigenous Community of Mission Santa Catarina

Bridge Funding Investment Partners:  Michael Cronin, The Folloni Team, Thuy Vo, Pat McInally, Thomas Pankey Group, Tom Weis, Robert Folloni, Larry Bond, Ray Zhu, Todd Thorner 

APA LLC PARTNERS:  All of the above and Steve and Carmen Ramirez, Jesus Fernandez, Tom Sharp, Terry Sharp.

NGO Beneficiaries: ADESU, CUNA, TERRA PENINSULAR, SILVICULTURAS, WIND WILDLIFE INSTITUTE -  The Pai Pai and APA each have a 50% vote on determining final beneficiaries.

California Energy Commission: 4-time International Energy Fund Grant Award winner through Princeton Development Corp.