Asociados PanAmericanos 
Energy for Sustainable Growth with Social Justice and a Clean Environment    
An enterprise of Dr. James A. Walker, Wm. Stevens Taber, Eriberto Regland Gonzalez, Benito Reyes, Michael E. Folloni and their investment partners in Asociados PanAmericanos LLC of Nevada. 

 Dedicated to responsible development of clean, renewable energy resources in Mexico. 

Supplying economical green power for Mexico and for export to California & Western USA.  Partnering locally for utility scale wind power and community empowerment.

APA Featured on PBS TV & Radio News Hour, June 2010

APA Signs Joint Venture with CISA / INTAVAN, November 2010.  One of North America’s leading renewables development & EPC contractors with major energy plant and transmission construction projects in the US and Latin America - Intavan is one of Europe's leading renewable energy project designer and developers over the past decade with many 1000's of MW to their credit.   The CISA / INTAVAN team brings excellent industry and government relationships and in-country know-how to APA's Baja CA Projects.  

Shown L-R: Ing. David Horta, President CISA, Mauricio Guerra Garza, President Intavan Mexico, Ing. Ana Horta, Dr. Kumiko Yoshinari, Princeton Energy Group, Ing. Juan Carlos Marquez Garcia, Intavan Spain, Ing. Carlos Flores, CISA, Lic. Jose Benito Reyes C., APA, Michael Folloni, APA, Eriberto Regland Gonzalez, APA, Andrea Taber, Princeton Energy Group, Steve Taber, Princeton Energy Group.  Not shown:  Dr. Jim Walker, APA, Dr. Dick Ely, Princeton Energy.

APA finalizes Strategic Alliance with Princeton Energy Group, March 2011.  Princeton will lead development, equity and debt funding activities and overall project management.

APA certified entry into CAISO transmission queue, April 2011.  APA's 508MW SANTA CATARINA WIND PROJECT is officially part of the California Independent (electricity) System Operator's Large Generator Interconnection Queue Cluster 4 ID #764.


67.5MW under the self-supply provision of Mexico's Electric Power Service Law, in conjunction with Energies Nouvelles (Electricité de France) and Mitsui in La Ventosa / La Mata, Oaxaca to supply power to over 300 Grupo Walmart de Mexico stores.  Under development since 2000.  (27) Clipper Liberty 2.5MW Wind Turbines ordered in July, 2008. Construction completed in February, 2010.  Commissioned Spring, 2010. $21M IDB funding announced December 2009.                                                     
SEE PHOTO OF INSTALLATION AT BOTTOM OF PAGE                                                    
In July '09 the European Investment Bank (EIB) announced a $75MUSD debt financing offer. 
In March, 2010, the project won the EXIM Bank Project of the Year Award in Washington, D.C.

APA was a founding partner of this project, and has remained a minority partner for plant commissioning, inauguration and operations in 2010.

THE SANTA CATARINA WIND PROJECT (Arrowhead Projects 1, 2, 3 & 4) : Located in the Indigenous Pai I'Pai Community of Mission Santa Catarina, about 70 miles south of San Diego in Baja CA.  At least 508MW of developable 7.0 - 9.0 M/S wind power projects will serve as the anchor for a 1000MW wind and solar project for power supply to CA starting in 2014. Up to 200 MW may be dedicated to local "self supply" projects to industry and commerce in Baja CA beginning in 2013. The entire state of Baja CA has a total demand of 2,000MW - a small fraction of the 60,000MW (10,000 developable) of strong wind power within 100 miles of the CA border.  

"Shooting straight for energy developing social equity and a clean environment."  Unique community development model, with assistance from US tribes and Mexican Native NGO's. Over 100 square miles of desert land available for solar development - with a substantial warm water aquifer.

The Pai Pai have been living in harmony with nature on their land for over 3,500 years. Together we are forging new ways to sustain our ever-shrinking global village through 100% green energy development. 

EXPORT TO CALIFORNIA PROJECT:   (4) 250MW Projects to supply wind and solar power from The 263 square mile Indigenous Pai I'Pai Community of Mission Santa Catarina and from various ejidos and private properties near the Baja CA / CA border, to the California, USA grid.  APA is enrolling in the January 2011 "Post Reform" Cluster for a 500MW CAISO Queue Position to deliver clean energy to California IOU and Municipal Utilities and resellers. Construction phase-in planned starting in 2013 and continuing up to 2016.

BAJA CA "SELF-SUPPLY" PROJECT:   The Princeton Energy Group (PEG), CISA / INTAVAN (CI), and Asociados PanAmericanos (APA) team is on track for a Q4, 2013 operation date for a 30MW Self-Supply project in Baja CA. Transmission requests are in process, prospective customers identified, EIR, Wind* and other Studies in progress.

*Note:  Early met tower results are showing better than anticipated wind.