Asociados PanAmericanos 
Energy for Sustainable Growth with Social Justice and a Clean Environment    

APA set out to create game-changing, proven, economically solid win-win-win business models for community participation & development with extraordinary environmental stewardship.  This is the future. People, Planet and Profits are inextricably intertwined.  We take great care in evaluating and planning for the best for the land, landowners and environmental resources.

A Good Wind Resource, Landowner Partner & Path

Our strong, loyal in-country partners, include the Pai Pai Indigenous Community of Mission Santa Catarina. APA does not simply rent land from wind and solar resource site owners, we actually partner with them to allow them to become empowered participants in comprehensive, sustainable human development.  The Pai I'Pai and others are finding new ways with us to build on their historic traditions of living in harmony with their environment.  The community has voted unanimously to provide 1/2 of their income to community self-help enterprise development and service programs that they manage (Elderly assistance, Youth Sports, Computer Center, Sustainable Agriculture and resource development, Artesians, Medical Center, Roads, Museum, Eco-Tourism, etc.)  

Additionally, the "APAIT" (Pai Pai for: "Para Todos"-"For Everyone") Project is unique in allocating portions of founding partner's and Landowner partners shares to four NGOs focusing on indigenous well-being and cultural revitalization, and to environmentally responsible, sustainable development throughout Baja:  Terra Peninsular, CUNA (The Native Cultures Institute), ADESU (This Institute for Sustainable Development of Indigenous Communities) and Silviculturas (The Forestry Workers Union of Baja CA). 

And the American Wind Wildlife Institute will also benefit, as we have pledged 2% of APA & PAI PAI shares of post-debt-service income to that endeavor to not only mitigate, but to ameliorate environmental impacts of energy development.