Asociados PanAmericanos 
Energy for Sustainable Growth with Social Justice and a Clean Environment    
APAIT FLECHA (Arrowhead) Projects:  Up to 40MW of power from the Indigenous Pai I'Pai Community of Mission Santa Catarina (CIMSC) that is dedicated to large credit worthy consumers on the Mexican grid under the "Self-Supply Provisions" of the Electric Public Service Law.

CIMSC has 1,500 MW of good to excellent, class 4, 5, 6, and 7 wind, and abundant solar resources, enough to generate 3,661 GWH/year of power, which alone is enough to export to supply 94% of the combined 2010 RPS shortfall of SoCal Edison and SDG&E.   Depending on Technologies used and more site specific wind studies, APA / CISA / INTAVAN expect to develop at least 326 and up to 700MW of wind plus solar on CIMSC lands.  More resources on surrounding parcels.

Baja CA's current power load is around 2,000MW, and growing at over 6%/year, and could double by 2020.  Reducing power costs, making more clean power available for growth, and utilizing local energy resources is an imperative.  

There is about 10 times as much wind power (50,000MW) available in Baja CA than is used by any power source! As early signers to the Kyoto Protocol, and with a new Administration eager to privately develop power recourses, Mexico is ready for clean power development.  Our goal is to supply around 7.5% of Baja's isolated grid with power from CIMSC by 2020.  The balance of power from CIMSC and other Baja sites we have under negotiation is logically destined for the USA market, or if Mexico connects Baja to the national grid, which is on the planning books in Mexico, to the mainland.